Check out these fine kits.


RCV Engines at the best prices anywhere!! Choose from the 60, 90 or 120 size. These unique streamlined four strokes take scale to a whole new level. Easier to fit in those tight cowlings, quieter with 2:1 gearing, no need for expensive engine mount, it's worth a look... See the new RCV91-CD upright low profile motor.

The "break-in" prop kit includes the props recommended by RCV for your engine. 3 and four blade props are available for that scale look .. e-mail or call for prices. (Can't be beat)


Ever have trouble with those fourstroke muffler lock nuts, mufflers coming loose?

The new BlackFly Aero muffler lock wrench is now available in 12mm and 14mm sizes.

12mm -Only $10.00

14Mm -only $10.00

Both for $18.00

12mm BlackFly Wrench RCV 60SP, OS52, Saito56
14mm BlackFly Wrench RCV90-SP,RCV120-SP,OS70,OS91, Saito65,72,91


Starting Adapter; connect the hub end to the shaft of typical engine starter to drive the "behind the prop" starting feature of the RCV engine. Fits all RCV models.




Click Here to see the full prop listing for RCV engines.

Starter Prop Kit; Get two props suitable to your engine size and recommended by RCV.

60SP or 90SP Kit- $39.99

120-SP size Kit - $49.99





Spares for the RCV engines are not a problem as most necessary parts are in stock and ready to ship.

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Updated February 25, 2005